Scent Pod XLR

Scent Pod XLR



Directions: Remove from package. Hang from limb with reusable tie. Raging Boars Outdoor Innovations’ Premium Wildlife Attractants are PACKED with Savory Flavors & aromas that attract deer at long range. Our NEW Scent Pod XLR is designed to be tethered to a tree or post. The Irresistibly Strong Aroma attracts Deer & helps lead them to the bait site.

  • Scent Pod XLR Attracts Deer Long Range
  • Large surface area for maximum airborne scent dispersal
  • Weeks of lasting Scent & aroma keeping em’coming back for more
  • Provides ExcellentCover Scent for wiseole whitetails
  • Water Resistant
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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 12 in

Acorn, Stinky Cheese, Persimmon, Doe in Heat, Apple, Berry, Corn, Peanut Butter, Ruttin’ Buck