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We don’t have a store front yet because of the huge support from our dedicated distributors! Use this page to find a hometown store nearby!


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Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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We are accepting new distributors within the Southeastern US. We are operating from our warehouse location and not open to the public. Please call or write for individual orders or for distribution inquiries. Raging Boars Outdoor Innovations (864) 941-7222

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Quality Products

We offer a complete system with proven results.


Premium Ingredients

Packed with natural grain proteins, fats & carbohydrates, molasses provide needed nutrients to help sustain healthy herds.  Real Corn, Sweet Molasses, Vitamins & Trace Minerals. Raging Boars Outdoor Innovations, premium wildlife attractants are packed with savory flavors & aromas which attract deer, hogs & bear. Designed to be buried, dispersed & smeared, smells & strong aroma attracts Hogs & keeps them in the area.


Superior Results

Works year around. Water & mold resistant. The mixture adheres well to stumps, logs trees & vegetation creating an instant bait station for wildlife. Irresistible flavors & strong aromas attract game from extended distances.