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We offer a complete system with proven results.


Premium Ingredients

Packed with natural grain proteins, fats & carbohydrates, molasses provide needed nutrients to help sustain healthy herds.  Real Corn, Sweet Molasses, Vitamins & Trace Minerals. Raging Boars Outdoor Innovations, premium wildlife attractants are packed with savory flavors & aromas which attract deer, hogs & bear. Designed to be buried, dispersed & smeared, smells & strong aroma attracts Hogs & keeps them in the area.


Superior Results

Works year around. Water & mold resistant. The mixture adheres well to stumps, logs trees & vegetation creating an instant bait station for wildlife. Irresistible flavors & strong aromas attract game from extended distances.

About the Company

Raging Boars Outdoor Innovations

We developed our premium deer, bear & wild hog attractant to fill a need in the bait market. Most of our competition’s products simply don’t stand the Rootin’ Test of Time. When poured onto stumps, the ground or even in water, the smells & aromas of our premium attractants outlasts that of the competition–& the critters keep coming back for more! 

David Lindler

Founder, Inventor, Avid Sportsman

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Raging Boars Outdoor Innovations